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GasHog -- The Fuel Economy Tracker for iPhone and iPod touch

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GasHog™ is a utility for iPhone and iPod touch to track the fuel economy of your vehicles.

GasHog™ allows you to enter the odometer reading, the amount of fuel added and the total cost every time you add fuel, and GasHog™ automatically calculates the fuel economy of your last tank, as well as historical averages. Additionally, GasHog™ offers tips for improving the fuel economy of your vehicle.

GasHog™ supports international units, and can report fuel economy in Miles per Gallon (MPG), Liters per 100 Km (L/100km), or Kilometers per Liter (KM/L).

GasHog™’s features include:

  • Simple and quick entry of odometer reading, fuel added, and total cost
  • Support for multiple vehicles
  • Fuel cost tracking
  • Export-to-email function for backup and external data analysis
  • Support for English and Metric units, separate units for distance, fuel and fuel economy
  • International support with numbers and dates formatted to local custom
  • Integrated tips for improving fuel economy
  • Historical fuel economy statistics (last tank, last 30 days, last 6 months, all time)

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