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GasHog mentioned on The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Saving money and reducing your fuel consumption is obviously a hot topic these days, especially with rising fuel costs and increasing awareness and concern about the environment.

It’s no surprise that applications which help you stretch your dollar and reduce your consumption are getting some attention, and GasHog is no exception! GasHog was mentioned this morning on a post to The Unofficial Apple Weblog about saving gas and money with your iPhone.

Many thanks to TUAW, as well as for the original article about saving gas, energy, time and money using your iPhone.

GasHog version 1.5 available today

GasHog’s latest update, version 1.5, has just been approved by Apple, and will be available for download and free upgrade in the iTunes store starting today (Saturday, September 27). This version represents some of the most requested additions from GasHog users:

  • the ability to e-mail a backup of each vehicle’s filling log for data safekeeping or import into a spreadsheet
  • a keypad for quick entry of the amount of fuel added and the total cost
  • additional precision for amount of fuel added
  • support for additional digits of cost for countries with varied currency
  • touching the vehicle name at the bottom of the display brings up the vehicle list for quick switching (if tracking multiple vehicles)
  • stats display now includes cost per distance statistics over time
  • various cosmetic improvements and bug fixes

Before upgrading any iPhone/iPod touch application which stores data on your device, you should always synchronize with iTunes to make a backup. I am led to believe that version 2.1 of the iPhone/iPod touch operating system has solved the data loss problem that plagued earlier versions, so please make sure you’ve updated your device before installing the GasHog update.

This release resolves most all of the requests I’ve received for enhancing GasHog. As always, feel free to contact me as the support e-mail address if you have any problems, feedback, or requests!

Adair Systems Newsletter

Today I sent a newsletter to everyone on the mailing list. If you haven’t subscribed, you can read it here (or subscribe from the home page — mailings are infrequent, and your address is never shared).

Included in the newsletter is an update on GasHog. Version 1.5 has just been submitted to Apple for update in the App Store, with a set of useful changes, including the ability to back your data up by exporting it to an e-mail, and a keypad which makes entering the amount of fuel added and the filling cost much quicker.

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