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Enhancements to the support process

Trying to support multiple products with large customer communities has become increasingly strenuous on my inbox. To try and cope with the challenge, I’m employing a product from Fog Creek Software called FogBugz.

FogBugz will let me keep a better grip on incoming e-mail, and make sure every inquiry or support request is responded to in the appropriate time frame. In addition to helping manage e-mail, FogBugz also has software bug and feature request tracking to make sure all of your requests and suggestions are addressed in upcoming releases.

Many of you have been shocked to receive a timely reply from a real person, and I’m hoping this new system will help me continue to deliver that high quality of customer service. As always, happy to hear from you and get your feedback!

Adair Systems Newsletter

Today I sent a newsletter to everyone on the mailing list. If you haven’t subscribed, you can read it here (or subscribe from the home page — mailings are infrequent, and your address is never shared).

Included in the newsletter is an update on GasHog. Version 1.5 has just been submitted to Apple for update in the App Store, with a set of useful changes, including the ability to back your data up by exporting it to an e-mail, and a keypad which makes entering the amount of fuel added and the filling cost much quicker.

The new Adair Systems website

I’m very excited to take the new Adair Systems web site live today! A long time in the works, the site is designed to be visually appealing, while still presenting useful information about the applications, as well as being expandable for additional support information.

New features will be coming soon, including more detailed support information, user’s guides, and application walk-throughs which will hopefully make learning and using our applications much easier. Additionally, a streamlined version of the site for iPhone and iPod touch users will be forthcoming.

The site was designed with modern browsers in mind, and it displays best in Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 7 (it is usable in Internet Explorer 6, but doesn’t look as great).

I always love hearing from you, so if you have any comments, feedback or suggestions on the new site design, feel free to drop me an e-mail at “chris” at “”.

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